The Domains of Spatial Justice

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the various kinds, or “domains,” of justice that we often discuss in urban planning: spatial justice, environmental justice, transportation justice, housing justice, etc. How are these domains of justice related to one another? To make things even more complicated, we tend to equate “justice” and “equity” without necessarily probing deeperContinue reading “The Domains of Spatial Justice”

Why I wrote Just Housing

My book, Just Housing: The Moral Foundations of American Housing Policy, was released earlier this week. Why write a book about housing justice, why now, and what can readers expect to take away from the book? The book’s origins can be traced to my work in the fair housing policy arena, where community developers haveContinue reading “Why I wrote Just Housing”

Is Gentrification Slowing Down in Portland, Oregon?

I’ve been digging through the 2020 Census Redistricting Data, and the population changes by race and ethnicity in Portland, Oregon, fascinate me. Figure 1 displays the percentage of nonwhite persons (those not identifying as non-Hispanic white alone) by census tract in 2010 (left) and 2020 (right). The 2010 Portland Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) is inContinue reading “Is Gentrification Slowing Down in Portland, Oregon?”

The Dispossessed and Alone

Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Dispossessed is best known for its space operatic portrayal of moon-dwelling anarcho-communists, but what fascinates me most are Le Guin’s meditations on communal living arrangements. On the utopian world of Anarres, no one owns property, and Anarrestis rarely inhabit private rooms. Most dwellings are organized into dormitory-style living arrangements thatContinue reading “The Dispossessed and Alone”

Welcome to my blog

I’ve never written a blog before. Blogs seem appropriate for shareable thought fragments, ramblings that are too long for twitter, and the germs of ideas that may eventually blossom into something more. I am not sure yet if my blog posts will fall into any of these categories. Topically, most of what I will haveContinue reading “Welcome to my blog”